Complete Jason Bond Picks Review

I’ve been with Jason Bond Picks for over 12 months to date, and so far, my experience has been outstanding. I would recommend this service to anyone that asked me and if you’re here, I’m guessing you’re wondering if its right for you. Here, I do my best to give you an honest account of my experiences, both good and bad, and hope to help you figure out if this service is right for you.

This is a broad review of my personal experiences with Jason Bond Stock Picks service. For daily updates, please use the Daily Reviews link.

Important Information:

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Brief Overview: 

I started with this trade alerting service six months ago with a $2000 real money margin account (unlike some other review sites who use paper trading accounts). In the first two months, when I should have been paper trading, I lost 18% of my account. While learning Jason’s system, I worked my way down to $1650 by going off on my own and not properly following his alerts. After that, its been mostly gains. I’ve rebuilt my account to $2,340 as of this writing, which for anyone who trades with a small account knows is a HUGE accomplishment. I would recommend paper trading for at least a month before jumping in so you understand the system and how everything works, but after that, it’s easy to make money with Jason Bond Stock Picks.

Complete Jason Bond Picks Review:

This service has the most options I’ve ever seen in a service to help you make money.

Text alerts and E-mail alerts:

The text and e-mail alerts are what brought me personally to this service. Swing Trading is perfect for those of us with full time jobs that can’t monitor the market and find those perfect entrances and exits because Jason does it for you. When he enters or exits a trade, he sends out an alert in real time informing you: What stock he trades, the number of shares involved, and the price of those shares when his trade was executed. Normally he will include some more detailed information in the e-mail explaining the reasoning behind his trade.

This feature is GREAT for me, and for most people looking to do some trading on the side while still having a “real job.” While Jason and his team do all the hard work of scanning for new picks, looking for the next great catalyst and finding the best entry point into a stock, you can be sitting at your desk working on a report or out in the field taking survey readings and when the alert comes in you can make a trade to mirror the alert.

While they do in fact make trading easier, it does not mean us as clients can be on autopilot when following a stock pick alert. The market moves incredibly fast sometimes and Jason includes a key piece of data to help us make quality trades: His entry price. If the price has run wild before you get to the message, don’t get in the trade! There is a good chance it will come back down so you can enter, and even if it doesn’t, you don’t want to be stuck holding the bag if you enter at the top and the bottom drops out from under you. That’s how I drained my account early on.

I keep detailed statistics on every trade and I have personally worked with Jason himself to optimize the alerts so prices for everyone involved with the service are greatly improved. By joining now, you will be receiving alerts while prices are 1-3% more favorable than just a few months ago!

Jason’s newest addition, Bond Large Caps has been added to his regular service! These are large caps trades (>$2 billion market cap) that are held for 2-4 weeks with the goal of beating the S&P 500. So far it is doing so with a large margin. Because it’s been added to the regular service, these trades now go out through the normal alerting channels!


Chat room:

The chat room is a paradise for those who have the time to be able to watch the market. Whether you have spare time at work, work from home, or have a day off, it is THE place to be to find the best day trades being alerted anywhere on the internet. It is open from early morning to long after trading hours are over. During trading hours, it is kept professional and profit driven. There is no cursing, or off topic chatter. Everything is kept on point and towards the goal of making profit for everyone in the room.

Head moderator and Day Trading teacher, Luke Murray, puts out between 15 – 30 day trades that he himself is putting real money into. Luke alerts his every entry and exit in real time. Along with Luke and Jason, moderators Otto, Matt and Barak alert their entry and exit to all swing and day trades they execute while only Jason’s swing trades go out as text and e-mail alerts (for now).

Day trading is not for everyone, and you must have a $25,000 trading account to make proper use of all of the chat room alerts. This is because of the PDT rule for U.S. based accounts. You can, however follow one or two day trade alerts or use the chat room to find Luke’s option swing alerts, which are soon going to be coming out as text and e-mail alerts. I’m incredibly excited about this new addition because Luke has an amazing track record on option swing alerts and options move much more quickly than stocks themselves and can be immensely profitable.

Overall, if you have the time to hang out in the chat room, I would highly recommend doing so. If this sounds like your thing, you can join by clicking here

Daily Watch Lists:

Jason takes the time to create a daily watch list for us. When the market is “playing nice” he will usually release it the night before with annotated charts and sometimes even a video watchlist. When the market is in a downtrend he will wait until the early hours of the morning, meaning 5-6 AM, to make the watchlist so that he can include futures action and follow Europe and Asian market trends.

Here is a perfect example watchlist including a mini lesson on how and why Jason picked these charts to put on the list. This is exactly what gets sent out to us every day. Between getting these lists and the incredible learning material, you can become an interdependent swing trader who really won’t even need to follow the service. However, having access to the chat room is a resource that is incredibly powerful and I wouldn’t want to do without on my days off.

All of the Daily Watch List material comes off of the Master Watch List. This is a list of about 100 stocks that are tracked every single day. The importance of having a master list is detailed in Part 1 of Jason’s new DVD.

Learning Material:

Jason just released a new DVD which will retail for $497. You can read Part 1 of my review here. I wont re-write that here, check it out if you’re interested

There are also video lessons which every member of JBP has access to as soon as they join. To date there are 16 lessons covering topics such as charting, scanning, Level II, basics of accumulation and resistance, and how to play stock promotions. These are just a few of the topics covered, and I’ve reviewed the first few video lessons here. These video lessons detail exactly how and why Jason picks the stocks that he does. Because of his teaching background, he knows exactly how to reach each of the learning styles. The videos are high quality and incredibly informative.

Jason also holds weekly webinars. Once weekly for the public + members on Tuesday nights, and once weekly for members only on Thursday nights. This is your chance to ask Jason and his moderators any questions you may have about his service before you sign up. They normally consist of a short overview of what Jason Bond Picks is, followed by a quick lesson and finally with a question and answer session.

I will update the top of this page with the public password weekly for the open Tuesday webinars so you can have a chance to meet Jason and his moderators and learn about his service in even more detail before you decide to sign up.

Affiliate Program:

Everyone who joins Jason Bond Picks is automatically enrolled in the affiliate program. A full outline can be found on the service’s site here.

When someone signs up using your affiliate link, you get 30% of the service price back in commission. If you see value in Jason Bond’s service like I do then its easy to tell other people about it. Friends and family can always use a little extra cash. Just having 3 people sign up will cover the cost of your subscription as long as your affiliates stay signed up.

Some people have even turned it into a business. Jason recently announced in chat that he has multiple affiliates earning over $25,000 a year. While I do get paid if you sign up using one of my links, I’m not here to “make you” sign up. I write honest reviews to the best of my ability. I even quit writing reviews for a service that was making me money from affiliate commissions but the service was failing. I’m not afraid to tell the truth, but I see value in this service so I want to share. If I can make money with a $2,000 starting account, than the majority of people who have much larger accounts can make some substantial profits.

There are two added benefits to having me be your affiliate. The first is the discount I offer. I’ll send you back 10% of your purchase price via paypal.

The second is I’m here to answer any of your questions that you may have at any time. I’ll do my best to respond to your e-mail within 24 hours, and its normally much less. If you see me in the chatroom, J. Wesley Green, feel free to send me a private message and I’ll do my best to assist you in any way I can.

3 comments on “Complete Jason Bond Picks Review

  1. Ronnie on said:

    do the math…. you said you was down to 1650…. and in six months was up to 2340 that a difference of +690/6 months thats 115 per month… Jasons service is 400 per quarter thats 133 per month… plus the money spent to etrade or who ever you use…. so you lost 18 per month

    • maveric on said:

      Wow, first off Jason’s service is $300/quarter, so I made profit. Second “the money spent to etrade” is built into account growth, I’ve already paid that and still made money. Third you completely missed the value of everything you can *learn* from this service. Fourth most people trade with account MUCH larger than my $2k portfolio, so if you take that 70% gain and apply it to a 30k portfolio you now have over $50k portfolio in six months…

  2. carl feldman on said:

    wonderful review

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